Elise Broadway

Elise Broadway (United States) Residence: July, 2016

Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania, Certificate Degree from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Recently, I received a travel scholarship named the “Sheidt Travel Award”, and won funds from the PAFA Venture Fund.

Artist Statement:
I am fascinated by the construction of space that integrates, like collage, several realities that layer upon one another. The scenes I create, many of which intend to express a memory or experience, encompass the senses and aim to capture various overwhelming feelings. Although chaotic transitions from indoors to outdoors and modifications of light often occur, I wish to culminate the picture plane with an overall sense of harmony. Through distinct imagery, collage, and subtle three-dimensional changes, I wish to illustrate certain feelings or experiences I have personally encountered.

I would like to make a series of drawings and paintings, particularly in gouache paints and graphite, that explore intimate domestic settings, local customs, and traditional food displays. Through possible integration of food packaging and portraits of local people, I will create a body of work specific to the town of Itoshima and particular to the neighborhood of Studio Kura.



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