Gaëlle Pelachaud

Gaëlle Pelachaud (France) Residence : July 2018

Gaëlle Pelachaudis a visual artist and researcher.
She graduated from the National Superior School in Applied Arts and Artistic career of Olivier de Serres in Paris. In 1984 she received a scholarship for studies at Cooper Union in New York (engraving studio), and in 1986 graduated from the from the Nationale Superior in Decorative Arts in Paris ( engraving). She wrote a thesis in Plastic Arts and Sciences of Art « Animated Books, the moving image, » for the Pantheon-Sorbonne U.F.R.4 Paris in 2009. In 2010, it was published under the title Animated Books : From Paper and Digital » Harmattan edition. In 2016, as a complement to this first publication, Pyramyd editions published a new version for a larger audience, Animated Books, Between Paper and Screen : History, Techniques, Creations, Perspectives. »

She practices painting, drawing and the artist’s book.
“My works as an artist focused on the passage between the form, image, painting and drawing, the interaction and dimensions of the book. As researcher and artist, I am interested in motion. It appears in my work in different forms; the motion of the page ; the motion in the design; the motion in theme of travels “.

During the residency, She will interested to represent the univers of the landscape, the city and country, the birds and peoples. She wants to give them life again with the book with some paper puppets. She will use all this information for making a artist book accompagned with her drawings and pictures, like theater book creation containing a text from a Japanese writer or a folk tale. Furthermore all of the drawings will be expose like a installation on the wall and space.

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Aureas-Gaëlle Pelachaud

El-Ayaymama-Gaëlle Pelachaud

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Ramayana-Gaëlle Pelachaud

Vienne-Gaëlle Pelachaud