Ginnie Hsu

Ginnie Hsu (United States) Residence: December 2018

Ginnie Hsu is a Multi-media Designer, and Educator, an Illustrator and a Maker living in Starkville, Mississippi, United States. Her work is often inspired by everyday life, nature, human living, and well-being. She is passionate about helping people. She believes that well-designed digital experiences and technology can improve the quality of human living, and her goal is to design, make, and create things that have an impact on society. Having this personal mission statement in mind, her design and research have been focusing on human-centered design for the greater good.

In her time at Studio Kura, she plans to record and to interview the experience of the everyday life of Japanese. She will question ways that people view “well-being” in the Eastern world in regards to things in life and family. Her ambition would be creating a series of 7 animated GIF to narrate the culture and life in Japan and conduct a “Playful” workshop with the local community.

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