Hanna Lee

Hanna Lee (South Korea) Residence: March 2017

Hanna Lee is a painting and drawing artist based in Seoul, South Korea.She completed her Bachelor of Painting at Duksung Women’s University, Seoul in 2012 and her Master of Fine Arts at the same university in 2016. Her works have been shown in many places in Seoul.

She talks about revisiting pale and pointless things around her. They may have objects or forms, or they may not exist. All her works are based on the pictures she takes.
Her recent work depicts the shape of nature. She is interested in the appearance of nature that is not artificial, and also the real essence of nature such as air, stones, and wind.

During her residency period, she would like to continue this story about the invisible nature in Fukuoka Prefecture.

– Hanna Lee’s website

untitled_oil on canvas_45.5X53.0_2015 (2)

untitled_oil on canvas_60.6X72.7_2015

The un-cherished things around us(essay)_pencil on trapal paper_15.0X21.0_2016

untitled_Pigment print_29.7X21.0cm_ 2016

untitled_Pigment print_29.7X21.0cm_ 2017