Hong Huazheng (H)

Hong Huazheng (H) (Singapore) Residence: April 2017

Hong Huazheng (H) is a fine art photographer based in Singapore. H received his Master of Arts Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts in partnership with Goldsmith, University of London. H reflects a lot on the impact of technology on environments and people. He has a propensity for seeking beauty and the sublime in places untouched by civilisation and technology. In his dialogue with image presentation, Huazheng experiments with different display methods, designing the scale and platform of his work in response to the exhibition environment. For his art residency in Itoshima, H would like to create a series of hyperreal landscape photographs by layering images from different locales. He hopes to achieve a series of primal-like landscape images that evoke a sense of structural oppositions: desolate vs beautiful, mysterious vs romantic, tranquility vs catharsis, profound vs illusive.

– Hong Huazheng (H)’s website