Isabelle Kawai Vincent

Isabelle Kawai Vincent (Australia) Residence: March 2017

Isabelle Kawai Vincent is a visual artist based in Shepparton, a country town 2 hours north west from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Isabelle creates her work by choosing which medium that will express the concept in the most meaningful expression. Therefore her artwork ranges from relief printing, photography, painting, works on paper and mix medium.

The Kanji form of Japanese characters have developed from Ancient Chinese symbols. Isabelle is developing her skills in the Kodai Moji period from the Shang Dynasty, 3,000 years ago. It is believed that this is a form of communication between God and Kings.
Since attending a workshop in December last year she has become passionate a out developing her knowledge, understanding and skills. Her aim at Studio Kura is refine her techniques with continuous practice and evaluation.

– Isabelle Kawai Vincent’s blog