Isabelle Kawai Vincent

Isabelle Kawai Vincent (United Kingdom) Residence: December 2016

Isabelle Kawai Vincent is a visual artist based in Shepparton, a country town 2 hours north west from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Isabelle creates her work by choosing which medium that will express the concept in the most meaningful expression. Therefore her artwork ranges from relief printing, photography, painting, works on paper and mix medium.

Isabelle is inspired by her 23 year old cat, Hannah, who sadly passed away last year. She was so impressed by her little cat’s spiritual strength within such a small physical frame that she devoted an exhibition on Hannah’s spirit; mojo.

The Wabi Sabi Neko exhibition is the exploration of the obsession for cats. Isabelle will use sumi-e ink, watercolours and mix medium to investigate the spirit; mojo, of cats and their relationship and interaction to the Japanese people.

– Isabelle Kawai Vincent’s blog