Jacobus Capone

Jacobus Capone (Australia) Residence: January to February 2020

Born and based in Perth, Western Australia, Jacobus maintains a practice that incorporates performance, photography, video installation, painting and site-specific work. Characteristically evocative his work frequently combines physically demanding durational performances with sublime landscapes. In 2007, he traversed Australia by foot, in order to pour water from the Indian Ocean into the Pacific. The same year received a Bachelor of Fine Art from Edith Cowan University.

His work has been shown in a range of solo and group exhibitions across institutions both nationally and internationally including The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Momentum, Berlin and Australia Centre for Contemporary Art.

The project to be pursued during his residency period will explore the threshold separating sacred and profane space. Specifically focusing on the role such a dichotomy plays in the morphology of shrine forrest’s, the symbolic connection between inner and outer worlds they exude and the inherent ecological hope they offer within the current precarious environmental climate.

This residency has been supported by Asialink Arts, Melbourne.

-webiste: www.jacobuscapone.com



– Jacobus Capone is a selected artist of Asialink Arts 2019 Creative Exchange Artist to Studio Kura.

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