Jane Rigler

Jane Rigler (Born 1981, USA)   Residency: March 2010

Jane Rigler is not only a flute player and composer but also an educator. She shows her work in a number of ways, similarly to musician and programmer Zachary Seldess, with whom she developed Music Cre8tor, a sensor/software music-creating interface for developmentally challenged children.

Her music intertwines her technique and her computer work, and can feel at times as a speech, or as a picture, a poem, or a dance. It has a playful side that stimulates or thought, and a visceral side that interacts dynamically with our senses. Both work together to find new possibilities in music.

Jane stayed at Studio Kura for one week in March 2010, with help from the Japan-US Friendship Commission NEA. In her concert, she played the new pieces she composed inspired by her stay, and then improvised with the audience.