Joycelyn Ong

Joycelyn Ong (Singapore) Residence: April 2017

Joycelyn is an alumni of 3dsense Media School hailing from Singapore, specializing in the digital form of illustrations. Prior to entering 3dsense, she majors in 3d animation in Singapore Polytechnic and is a self-taught artist from a young age fueled by a passionate love for storytelling.

Her works are mostly based in the fantasy realms, where she could run wild with fairytales and unleash mythical creatures that dwells deep within her dream worlds. She focuses on immersing her works with intriguing dream-like moods and deep narrative content to evoke raw emotions.

At Studio Kura, she would like to infuse her works with the full experience and exploration of a whole new place.

*Joycelyn Ong is a selected artist of the 3dsense-Kura Artistic Residency Award, a one month residency award dedicated for top students of each batch for 3dsense Media school diploma program students in Singapore.

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Joycelyn_DDI07_Sacred Grounds