JP Neang

JP Neang (United States) Residency: April 2018

An Artist & Creative Director, from The Bay Area, Caliornia. JP’s work has been showcased in various galleries in the US and internationally. She continues to push the boundaries of drawings, landscapes devoid of color with images that evoke stillness and playfulness. JP’s passion in the creative world extends beyond her art. She has taught creative education (Design Thinking, Creative Engineering, & the Arts) for 8 years working to inspire the world with her current project called “Imaginary Atlas”, an initiative to bring back the act of creating to children on a global platform.

During my residency at Studio Kura, I plan on creating tiny works in graphite & water color or items that reflect the landscape of Itoshima and connecting it with San Francisco. The piece will be an interactive installation where the audience will view the works as a large map of overlapping worlds with physical drawings to simulate life in both worlds. I’ve always enjoyed observing life in a micro scale and am greatly influenced by “Ma” or a “gap”, “space”, “pause” or “the space between two structural parts.” Chibi drawings allows me to have viewers physically mimic the distance when working on these pieces. To take notice of the pauses where vibrations of life are always present even in the smallest parcels of land.

– JP Neang’s Exhibition “Heavy Ground” at Studio Kura in April 2018.
– JP Neang participated in the artist in residency program at Studio Kura in May 2017.

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