Kate Gorrie

Kate Gorrie (Australia) Residence: February to March, 2016

Kate Gorrie is a visual artist from Melbourne, Australia and graduated her Bachelor of Fine Art in 2014 at RMIT University.

Through her playful visual imagery, there is an exploration into the reflective nature of our interconnected human existence. Her illustration inquisitively explores the nature of the mind in narrative and how this movement connects us to our identity ever changing. An inherent love for the natural world inspires the metaphors and symbols of her work, which dance upon a philosophical playground of imagery. Using both fine detail and simple space, her work interrelates a sense of movement and connection.

Whilst her artwork may evoke bizarre paradigms, there is an invitation to explore the nature of the mind & examine the fabric of our existence. Her works are an expression of hope in our creative potential, wherein our identity is shifted from the vessels we’ve constructed to be free in the bottomless bucket of existence which they came from.

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