Kayleigh Goh

Kayleigh Goh (Singapore) Residence: October 2017

Trained as a painter, Kayleigh Goh (b.1993) is currently an independent art practitioner based in both city of Singapore and Malaysia.

She received her BA (Fine Arts) from Singapore Lasalle College of the arts in 2016 and has participated in various group shows in Singapore & Malaysia alongside with some exposure in England and Korea. Recently, Kayleigh has been selected as 2017 Untapped Emerging artist to showcase her work with Singapore Visual Arts Development and had her most recent show showing with Singapore Gajah Gallery.

She is interested in the psychological and poetic implication of place, a specific locale or environment that has its character on its own. Looking at how places constitute different experiences and can evokes different emotions, her works are informed by her everyday experiences of everyday places. With everyday construction materials as her paint and canvas, alongside with her soft palette, her works often, speak more about the quiet places.

At Studio Kura, in contrast to a city environment, she aims to explore local construction and natural materials in creating a series of experimental works that could reflect her experience in Fukuoka.”

-Kayleigh Goh’s website