Khor Ke Xin

Khor Ke Xin (Singapore) Residence: December 2018

Khor Ke Xin is an aspiring self-taught artist based in Singapore. Her passion for drawing began as a child, growing up in the rustling fields and serene waters around Kranji. The silhouettes of nature surrounding her sparked an inner fire to turn her experiences into art.

She has always loved art, drawing inspiration from her daily chronicles and social happenings. At a tender age of 10, her work was already displayed in public locations, including a bus. From then on, she was determined to use art as a form of expression to communicate to those surrounding her.

Nowadays, she spends her days meeting people and learning their stories through her blind contouring work. She shared her passion for drawing while creating a one-of-a-kind portrait for these people. She hopes to be able to launch her illustration book, educating little children about adult values in her artistic language.

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