Laura Cochrane

Laura Cochrane (Ireland) Residence: September 2019

Laura Cochrane (illustration name: Lawra Law) is a multi-disciplinary artist with a flare for illustration and textiles from Northern Ireland. Laura has completed a Bachelors of Arts in Textile Art, Design and Fashion, within Ulster University, and through her creative journey developed a passion for illustration. She has participated in multiples exhibitions, in both capital cities of Ireland, Belfast and Dublin.

Laura likes to create storylines and to touch on topics of sustainability and social issues. Whether, that is in small communities or on a world scale. She is inspired by nature and ‘seeing things in unusual places’, such as, seeing faces and creatures in natural formations. Water splatter, wood marks and stone textures and formations, to name a few. With a variety of layers, Laura’s artwork, has an essence of whimsy and fantasy with a creative storyline to touch on deeper topics.

During her residency time Laura will be creating illustrations depicting scenes of how ‘nature always wins’ when it comes to the battle of consumerism and our overconsumption of waste products, whilst touching on some ideas on sustainability and resourcefulness.

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Sewing Lettuce Laura Cochrane 4

ASTROLOGER Does Beauty Defeat Brains_ Laura Cochrane 2

Umbrella Drop- Laura Cochrane 5

Witchy Ways- Laura Cochrane 1

SpiriTree- Castle -Laura Cochrane 3