Layne Farmer

Layne Farmer (United States) Residence: July 2017

Layne Farmer is an artist specializing in the field of contemporary abstract painting. He is currently living in Phoenix, Arizona, in the United States where he is finishing his Masters of Fine Arts at Arizona State University in Painting. In 2014 he completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting at the University of North Texas.

Mixing ancient practice with modern material, his process-heavy approach explores the boundary between happenstance and control which results in a coalition of celebrated materiality and the exchange of cultural ideologies.

He has exhibited internationally including: Contemporary Art Space, Qingzhou, China; Renmin University, Beijing, China; Bentley Gallery, Phoenix, AZ; Eric Fischl Gallery, Phoenix, AZ; and The University of North Texas, Denton, TX.
Recent awards include: The 2017 Erin O’Dell Scholarship; and ASU’s School of Art’s Special Talent Award for 2015 & 2016.
Funding for this trip was awarded by The Herberger Institute For Design and The Arts as well as ASU’s School of Art.

– Layne Farmer’s website


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