Leanne Dunic

Leanne Dunic (Canada) Residency: December, 2014

Leanne Dunic is a multi-disciplinary artist from Vancouver, Canada. She is rich in dreams and experiences, which she enjoys documenting through images, music, and words. Her style is simplistic and organic and explores the dichotomies of tradition/modernity, nature/technology, masculine/feminine, and east/west. Her own heritage manifests the latter dynamic: her mother is Chinese, her father is Croatian. In her work, Leanne explores hybrid identity and the human relation to the environment and the supernatural.
Her work has won several honours and been published in Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the UK and USA. She is currently working on a poetry manuscript, as well as novel.

Leanne is a singer/guitarist in the band Luck Commander and Cheap Luck. In her previous lives, Leanne owned clothing boutiques, modeled, and worked in the music industry. She’d like to say that she spends half her time in British Columbia, and half her time in Asia, but this is not yet the case.