Leonardo Hidalgo

Leonardo Hidalgo (Colombia) Residence: November-December 2017

Leonardo Hidalgo is a designer and textile artist based in Bogotá, Colombia. His work explores weaving, dyeing and mixed media and completed his BA (Hons) in Design, specializing in Communication and Textile Design at Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá (2015). Leonardo has worked in fashion, community research and artistic projects, participating in one solo exhibition during 2016 at Olga Piedrahita’s showroom and selected group exhibitions in 2015 at Universidad de los Andes and La Garza (2016).

His work studies the concepts of territory and materiality, looking for different relationships that individuals have with places and the interactions created by living, exploring, thinking and imagining them. He analyses how practices like migration, dwelling, costume and territory transformation, manifest bonds and materiality through places.

During his artistic residency at Studio Kura, Leonardo plans to explore the territory of Itoshima and the concept of topophilia (the emotional relationship between people and place), in order to develop woven cartographies that represent the historical, mental and material layers of landscape that lay in this land and in its inhabitants. This project will work with textiles as a map that becomes the territory itself and also a way to rediscover and rethink it.

– Leonardo Hidalgo’s website