Lindi Shi

Lindi Shi 石 琳迪 (China) Residence: June to July 2018

Lindi Shi focuses on printmaking and book art. She comes from China but she has been living in US since 2013. She just graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with
a bachelor degree in fine art and Mathematics. After her residency in Studio Kura, she is going to pursuit her Master of fine art degree in Rhode Island School of Design.

Lindi believes that memories determine who we are. Her works are about her living experiences and folktales. Her inspiration mainly comes from her family, friends and oral
stories. Her goal is to create the intractable art pieces where the audiences can be part of the exhibition.

Lindi always has passion about Japan. She likes Japanese food and animations. Recently she is obsessed to papermaking, especially Japanese washi paper.
During her time in Studio Kura, Lindi wants to finish up a book project her has been working on for 4 months and explore the potential of artist books.

– Lindi Shi’s website

Childhood (I)

Story of BigFoot (2)