Lisa Fong

Lisa Fong (United States) Residence : August 2018

Based in the Bay Area of California, Lisa Fong specializes in painting and drawing but she also works with craft materials, specifically in paper and fabric.

She had received her Bachelors of Painting/ Drawing from California College of the Arts, San Francisco in 2018. She had also recently been recruited to showcase her work in San Francisco and other cities by the Rawartist Organization.

Her work revolves around the idea of living in between two cultures within America. As she paints portraits, landscapes, or metaphors to describe different facets of her identity, she also present the struggles of language barriers and cultural differences while living in America with a Cantonese family.

During her stay at Studio Kura, she plans to thread writing or translation of words into pieces of fabric based on the difficulty of learning, listening, and understanding a new language. Painted on top, she recreates the environment she was in such as if she was in a restaurant, convenience store, or at the studio when she heard these phrases. In a way, this experience challenges her with language barriers similar to the situation of her parents learning English in America.