Margaux Derhy

Margaux Derhy (France) Residence : July 2018

Born in December 1985 in France.
I started to paint at the age of 17. Self educated, I joined in 2015 the 3 years intensive cycle of Ateliers Beaux-Arts of the city of Paris (ABA) with Gonzalo Belmonte.
In 2017, I spent several months in South Africa with a 3 months international artist residency at Greatmore Studios in Cape Town.

My painting is figurative. It is worked from photographs, archives and personal photographs. My major series of oils MEMOIRE VIVE is a re-appropriation of family archives that I exhumed with the desire to offer memories a new colour. I use oil, my favourite material, to signify bodies, faceless characters. With this intimate work, I wish to restore joy to a child stifled by a wave to the soul that I question today in light of maturity.

I propose a pictorial work that praises the past as a thankfulness, a posteriori, to my childhood and a tribute to filial love.

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Sans Titre 2018 - 20 x 29 cm

Mémoire Vive 25 - 38 x 46 cm - Huile sur Papier Figueras - 650 euros - 2018

Mémoire Vive 20 - 38 x 46 cm - Huile sur Papier Figueras - 650 euros - 2017

Paysage Perdu 2 - 1,4 x 2m - Huile sur Papier Figueras - 2500 euros - 2017 - vlight