Melissa Beattie

Melissa Beattie (United Kingdom) Residence: January to February 2017

Melissa Beattie is a Fine Art Photographer whose work focuses and explores happiness and identity crisis. Her work often displays her own processes of dealing with her own issues of identity – and the way in which she portrays her work is her way of dealing with who she is as a photo therapy. Within the production of her identity projects she decided that she wanted to explore happiness, as she didn’t want her work or her name to become fogged over by negativity. She started a blog to speak openly about happiness and invite others to read and participate in finding out what their own happiness means. Which you can find here:

Graduating with a degree in BA(hons) Photography from the University of Wolverhampton in 2016, she is coming into the world with a passion for spreading happiness and exploring the world to keep finding her own happy. For the duration of her 8 week stay at Studio Kura, Japan, she plans on capturing her passion for Japan, the beautiful landscapes, cities and the culture. She wants to speak with the locals and compare their ideals of happiness with those from her own country.

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