Molly Garcia-Underwood

Molly García-Underwood (Australia) Residence: April, 2016

Molly García-Underwood is an emerging artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. García-Underwood completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts & Design at the Adelaide College of the Arts with a Major in Photography in 2015.

García-Underwood likes to play with objects and bodies and light to create works that explore concepts of power, permanence, interference and manipulation. Her practice is not restricted by any one particular medium, with her work utilising aspects of photography, video, sculpture and installation.

During her time at Studio Kura, García-Underwood will explore the concept of ikebana. This traditional Japanese art of arrangement will be warped and manipulated as García-Underwood uses found objects and local materials to create temporary installations, both through construction and destruction.

– Molly García-Underwood’s website