Nathalia Peluso

Nathalia Peluso (Argentina) Residence: October to November 2017

Nathalia Peluso has studied a long career in the area of photography, from analog and digital photography, he has worked in experimentation and new technologies related to image and texture photo. He developed his studies at a young age in the study gallery Artistic for photograph issued by the architect and photographer Omar Raul Diaz for 8 years.
He has specialized in a comprehensive career of image and sound It has advanced in the photo area expand the audiovisual area of animation and stop motion in the school-IDAC: School Of Animations International. He has taken specialized seminars such as Seminar of animation by the animator Barry Purves – London-

He has received several awards in international photography competitions such as 2nd Prize in the first Salon MERCOSUR of sacred art photography. Organized and hosted by the Embassy of Uruguay and the Embassy of Argentina and Baticano, with exposition Galery in ROME. Special mention in the MERCOSUR, tribute to FERNANDO PAILLET photographers Mention in Art and advertising photography contest. Organized by the Association of photographers.Headed by Anne Mary Henrich. Martin Fierro Awards Argentina For Web series “ROAD.
He has made production services graphics for FOX SPORT USA. And IMAGE BANK USA. Produced by A Productions. In the area of educational teaching has taught seminars such as He has taught intensive seminars. of animation and stop motion, in University of Palermo UP , CECAM–. Has Taught Intensive Seminar and Simposy Of animation at ESCINE TV VENEZUELA.

He works combine photography with animation works and produce and experimentation with texture and reality use animation technique and experimentation of photography. with light and color. During her residency period, the artis works in The project THE TUNNEL. Latinasian, to combine colour , texture , symbols and landscapes. He Will explore the tunnel that starts in Latin America to Asia.

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