Park Hyun Ji

Park Hyun Ji (South Korea) Residence: March, 2016

Park Hyun Ji is a visual media artist [Brand: 켡(Kyun)], an art therapist and an art educator in South Korea.
She graduated her Postgraduate of Art Therapy, Art and Design in 2016 at Konkuk University and holds her Bachelor of Cartoon Animation at Kongju National University.
She is specialised in illustration, animation, and visual representation of a variety of media art.

Park draws the brain as the brain functions resemble our society. Cells of the brain is a work of the next dead cells, and the brain cells are connected. This ideas makes her comfortable, and she draws pictures. The presence of all moving creatures is expressed in a moving picture; animation.
She explores to express the topic; the brain symbolises that all of us are significant and related to each other that is why we all need to be united.

– Park Hyun Ji’s website