Prasanta Kumar Kolay

Prasanta Kumar Kolay (India) Residency: April 2018

* Art field :
Drawing and Painting

* Qualification :
– 5 Years national diploma from Govt. college of Art and Craft, Drawing and Painting department securing 1st class 1st in 1984.
– Short term Chinese language course from Beijing language and cultural university.

* Award/exhibition :
Received 18 awards (state, national ,international) including the prestigious awards the commonwealth foundation fellowship.

* Visited countries :
France, Italy, Germany, U.K., Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, West Indies, Singapore, China, USA, Japan, Taiwan and Russia.

* Artist statement or work concept : WATERCOLOUR IMPRESSION
My style of painting is impression. I want to paint subject matter before me in my simplified way. Most of my paintings were started and finished out in the open with speed  and confidence.

* Plan during the residency :
During the residency I want to visit different places of Itosima and paint that beautiful nature on my canvas in my own rhythm of impression as I visualize it with my inner eye.

Prasanta Kumar Kolay participated in the artist in residency program at Studio Kura in October 2016.

Title-Nature(Itoshima,Japan)  Medium-Mix medium Size-120cm by 120 cm

Water colour, size-22cmx50cm,  Title-my house(1)