Prasanta Kumar Kolay

Prasanta Kumar Kolay (India) Residence: October 2016

Nature serves as a catalyst between my desire to express myself and my expression. The shape and forms of trees the shades of color in the sky and the sound of music of sunshine, rain, clouds and winds inspire me determine my path when I was an outgoing students at the art college.

5 years national diploma from Govt College of Art and Craft, Drawing and Painting department securing 1st class 1st in 1984.
Short term chinese language course from beijing language and cultural university.

Received altogether 18 awards (State, National and International) including the prestigious awards the Commonwealth foundation fellowship from london in 1994 went to west indies. Visited Country for nature study France, Italy, Germany, UK, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland.
Full fellowship award from vermont studio centre, usa in 2002.
Participated in all major exhibition (State, National & International) Level since 1982 to 2016.

Work Concept-
Words fail to express my feelings but brush and color can. So, I see the nature with my eyes , and visualize it with my inner eye and then transform my imagination into reality on my canvas and eternal poet works in me day in day out.

during the residency period I want to paint the hidden rhythm of the nature of the Fukuoka.

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