Shuwen Xu

Shuwen Xu (China) Residence: June 2017

Shuwen Xu is a visual artist and spatial designer based in China and USA. She grew in Wuhan, China and got the Bachelor Degree of Architecture at Southeast University in Nanjing, China.

Currently she is earning her Master Degree of Landscape Architecture and Art History in Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, USA.
Besides her educational background of spatial design, she kept exploring diverse art fields and media like drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, installation, film, traditional calligraphy, etc. Meanwhile, art theoretical study and art practice always helps mutually.

Through different media, she has a preference in revealing inner-self, relationship, phenomena, or other abstract themes behind physical forms, which is influenced by her architectural background and furthermore, the study of traditional calligraphy in her childhood.

Recently, she was focused on photography, short film, and relevant theory. While during the period of residency, she is going to explore the surroundings and herself interactively, and how they project themselves on each other by mix-media.

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