Solal Israel

Solal Israel (Belgium) Residence: March 2017

Young photographer (born in Brussels in 1993), Solal Israel studied photography at the School of Arts “Le 75” in Brussels. His approach began a process of reflection around the property and readability of the image. Declined in its various projects, this process embodies today a cross series where temporality and matter, media and subjects mingle.

Characters reappear, locations are transformed, stories are read again, images contradict or respond each other, back and comes is permanent, constant questioning and manipulation of Solal Israel never take the real, much less the truth, and not even the words that identify them for granted and unchangeable. The photography itself is the material that constantly accompanies him, and that he constantly triturates.

All of his work attempts to land on the existence a more serene look. If sadness, anxiety still are present, they are accepted and exalt the depth and the poetry of all the visible, in this young but already astonishing career, marked by both the freshness and maturity of vision.

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