Sue Anne Rische

Sue Anne Rische (United States) Residence: June to July 2019

Sue Anne Rische knew from a very early age that she wanted to be an artist. She attended Texas Tech University and the University of Washington, holds a bachelors degree and masters degree in fine art, and currently teaches college level art in Texas. She considers herself both a multi-media artist and a process artist, first visualizing an idea and then assembling the needed materials to create the work. Much of her work is repetitive and highly detail oriented, the repetition offering her quiet meditation.Currently she makes artwork about privacy and the pitfalls of sharing anything on the internet.

During her time at Studio Kura she will continue with her work from a previous residency in Japan: the uchiwa as a way to hide your face. She plans to blend imagery from the east and west and may expand the fan into a wearable paper piece.

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Snake in the Grass for Kura 1

Privacy is Dead for Kura 2

Privacy Flows Away for Kura 3