Terrence Combos

Terrence Combos (Australia) Residence: February 2018

Terrence Combos (b. 1988) is an emerging artist based in Sydney, Australia, primarily working with painting and drawing. In 2015 he completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) at UNSW Art & Design, and is a current Master of Fine Arts candidate at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney.

Terrence’s practice explores the interplay between abstraction and language, mediated by the grid. In his work, pattern-like compositions are formed using text, which is presented in varying states of concealment through disorienting colour relationships, dense pattern organisation and restricted typography.

During his time at Studio Kura, Terrence will be developing writing by manipulating found language through the use of ciphers, anagrams and similar processing techniques. This writing will become the source material for a series of painted works on paper, which will be produced with less of a focus on the rigid order of the grid.


keyboard mash 6