Thomas Williams

Thomas Williams (United Kingdom) Residence: September 2019

I am a composer and sound artist based in Bristol (UK) creating interactive works that invite audiences to create, play and collaborate with sound and light. Coming from a background in music composition and sound design I enjoy exploring the social aspects of music making, attempting to create spaces that promote encounters between groups of people.

My work often takes shape as physical installations where objects or structures form an environment to create with. I am excited about physical and tangible things, and I always aim to craft experiences that draw people away from the glare of screens and invite them to re-engage with their surroundings in new ways. The next big ambition for me in my practice is create more work that draws people in to nature.

During my stay at Studio Kura I hope to spend time exploring links between storytelling and interactivity in my work. I am interested in stories that connect nature and people. I have a great interest in local folklore and would love to spend time learning which stories resonate most with communities in the area and which help them feel most connected to their surroundings. Throughout my stay I hope to spend time out in the local area and nature experimenting with sound, music and stories – even if it’s raining.

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