Vieno James

Vieno James (United States) Residence: June 2016

Vieno James is an artist based in New York. He is currently attending The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, NYC for a BFA in Fine Arts. His work has been exhibited in the United State (Atlanta and Savannah, GA). His work’s goals are to break down the barriers of racism, cultural exclusivity, classism, and whitewashed history.

Words from artist: “Man and Nature – Foreground and Background .. They are one and the same. As we grow, we experience phases of assimilation and accommodation to the foreign. My work explores identity and interpretation of experience through composed fragments of information. These explorations lead to the disintegration of the social constructs of race, cultural exclusivity, classism, and whitewashed history. The work is created from found objects, imagery and text from a variety of printed material, and the use of motifs from neo-expressionism.”

– Vieno James’s website