Yang Yu Pie

Yang Yu Pie (Taitung Taiwan) Residence: October to November 2018

Yang Yu Pei is specialized in oil paintings ,mixed media , interior design,construction.and handcraft products.

He received BA in landscape architecture. Than he back to the east coast of Taiwan and started his art career.

2017, He participates in East Coast Land Art Festival. Taiwan. This piece kickstarted his installation series of”water script “
2018, He participates in Taiwan Biennial Art Festival at National Museum of Fine Art. And continue his project of water script

At this residency he likes to create an installation inspired by the ocean current. Coming from Taiwan to Kyushu Japan.

*Yang Yu Pie is a selected artist of Craft Artist Exchange Program 2018 by Taitung County Government, participating our AiR program for 4 weeks.

– Website: https://m.facebook.com/apei2014/