Yusuke Joshua Banno

Yusuke Joshua Banno (United States) Residence: October 2019

Yusuke Joshua Banno is an artist, maker, and educator, born in Nagoya, Japan and now based in Tucson, Arizona. A graduate from Prescott College with a degree in Sustainable Community Development, he founded and sits on the board of directors of the local hub for makers, Xerocraft Hackerspace.

He is a burgeoning artist working with laser engravers, CNC, and traditional woodworking tools. Previously, he taught in Arizona public schools, and currently working to create multi-cultural, multi-lingual artistic and educational pieces that inspire learning and international understanding.

During his residency at Studio Kura, he intends to used locally-sourced materials to create pieces that both young and old can enjoy, while combining traditional and modern production techniques, patterns, and media.

– websites: www.joshbanno.com www.tucsonlasercutting.com www.xerocraft.org https://www.instagram.com/tucsonlasercutting/

– instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yusuke.art/