Kayla Milne

Edinburgh based artist Kayla Milne. Born in 2002 is currently studying contemporary art practice at Edinburgh college. Kayla focuses on portraiture through sculpture, painting, and photography. Kayla’s main influence is her youth and her family life, in her current course Kayla is exploring ways to express her influences through various mediums. Working with other people is a key part of Kayla’s work as she enjoys discovering other people’s ways of life to inform her practice. During the coronavirus pandemic, Kayla built her own business consisting of producing commissions of people and pets, this has been consistent alongside her college practice. During her stay at Studio Kura Kayla plans on gathering information regarding the different cultures and life of the people who reside in the intimate coastal location.

Kayla is going to stay in Studio Kura for a month. Please come to Studio Kura to see her work.