Laura Flores

Laura Flores is a native of Oviedo, a small city at the north of Spain. She started drawing at an early age, probable due to her father’s obsession with comic books and painters. Maybe to somehow connect with him, or just because of a passion shared through DNA, she began to create her own comics.She also started sewing very young, as a way to continue the tradition of all female members of her family. While she was studying nursing at the University, she founded a fashion brand called DCartesianos, which selled handmade garments based on midcentury vintage patterns.Although she continues pursuing her career in healthcare, she combines it with freelance works in both illustration and fashion fields.During her residency at Studio Kura, she will experiment mixing different traditional Japanese techniques, such as sashiko, kintsugi, furosiki … into clothing, as well as keeping a graphic diary to reflect the full experience.