Mara Yuki Thøgersen

Mara Yuki Thøgersen (Denmark) Residence: June 2020

Mara Yuki is a 21-year-old, Danish, visual, autodidact, aspiring artist.

She graduated from highschool in 2018, whereafter she moved to France one year to work on her paintings.

Mara Yuki uses her art as a form of communication, of thoughts and emotions, her own as well as the narrative/narratives in her paintings. Even though her motives often contain people, her aim is not to capture the essence of someone or somebody. When she paints she aims to capture a moment of something, a feeling, a thought, a context. Mara Yuki is fascinated and inspired by relations and the complexity of the human mind. To communicate all of the above mentioned, she works with contrasts in both colors and pencil strokes, light, and materials with a patient eye for details.

Mara Yuki had two of her paintings exhibited in a watercolor exhibition at The Museum of Kyoto from the 10’th of March to the 15’th, she won a price: “sinjin showy”, and her paintings got selected to represent the exhibition in the magazine “The Window Of Arts” 美術の窓 – May 2020 No. 440.

During her stay at Studio Kura she wishes to undertake a series of paintings that communicates her thoughts and feeling upon the topic, mental illness.