Ng Shu Jie Elden

Ng Shu Jie Elden (Singapore) Residence: February 2020

Elden is a digital artist from Singapore. He completed his diploma in digital animation and graduated from Singapore polytechnic in 2016. He then further his studies in 2018 and graduated from 3dsense media school recently in November 2019.

Since young, Elden loves to play trading card games and always dream of being able to create wonderful pieces of artworks like those on the cards. during the later part of his teenage life, Elden started to fall in love with the design and the thought process behind creating the characters from the games that he played. Form then, he decided to pursue illustration in hopes of creating beautiful illustrations and cute characters.

During his residency period, he aims to create characters and illustrations by using certain objects or photos as inspirations during his stay in studio kura.

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