Sol Tan

Sol Tan (Singapore) Residency: July, 2014

Sol Tan is a digital illustrator based in Singapore. He attended Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design & Media, then was one of the first people to take 3dsense Media School’s new WSQ Diploma in Digital Design, which focuses on digital art and illustration techniques. Upon finishing his studies, he was chosen for the 3dsense-Kura Artistic Residency Award.

He stayed during 2007/JULY/4th-AUG/4th and his digital art works were exhibited on July/25th-27th at Studio Kura Gallery.

He went to have experience making washi(Japanese paper) at the Gallery of Yame traditional craft in YAME.

Previous work
DOTA 2 private commission

Previous work
Kill la Kill private commission

Previous work
Work produced during his course at 3dsense