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Report: Christopher Jones’s Solo Exhibition “for the silo”

We held Christopher Jones’s solo exhibition “for the silo” from July 20 to July 24. He got inspired by the kura (rice silo) in Studio Kura, and made many pieces of work specifically for the space, installing them around the interior, sometimes almost hidden – so the space was full of surprises.

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Announcing Chris Jones’s Workshop: Drawing Big Time

Hi! This is Ale.
We all love drawing, but have you ever wanted to go beyond the paper? Wouldn’t you like to draw on a large, three dimensional space?

I’m happy to announce this workshop by Chris Jones, a lecturer at Newscastle University’s School of Arts & Cultures. Chris’s workshop will result in a collaborative drawing that will change the space. We will use a variety of tapes to form lines through the space, making large 3D drawings.

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