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Report from Hannah Quinlivan’s Exhibition “Penumbra”

Hi! This is Ale.
I would like to translate for you an article that Miss Toyoda of Itoshima Arts Farm wrote about Hannah’s exhibition’s opening party.

In some way, we all looked like fish caught in a net. But unlike fish, we were having a lot of fun. In contrast with the softness that the materials used in this installation makes us feel, we visitors were being observed by a camera set above the entrance since the moment they come in.
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Enjoy a Ballet Collaboration at Hannah Quinlivan’s Closing Party

Hannah Quinlivan’s exhibition Penumbra opened last Saturday along with Suyeon Na’s Life is Everywhere. Penumbra will keep growing and evolving until next Saturday the 30th, when the closing party is scheduled.

And we have an announcement! Dancers Kana and Eri (yes, they are sisters!) will perform inside the installation at the closing party next Saturday. We can’t wait for it! And now enjoy a couple of pictures showing Penumbra‘s growth.

2013-11-19 18.14.44
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