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Pimpi Syarly Naomi

Pimpi Syarly Naomi (Indonesia) Residence: February 2018

Pimpi Syarly Naomi is specialized in textile dyeing using Katazome technique based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Completed her Bachelor of Arts majoring in Crafts at Jakarta Institute of Arts.
Her works has been shown in Bandung and Jakarta (Indonesia).

Pimpi is interested in transferring drawing into fabrics pattern. Japanese textile dyeing techniques fascinate her, specially focusing on Katazome, she tries and sees if the same technique could be achievable with local supplies, she passionately tries to translate the technique in her country.

She loves to draw patterns found in natural form around like animals, flowers and leafs.

During her residency period, she wants to explore the objects around Itoshima, she will improve her drawing searching inspiration by discovering places around Studio Kura.
With her playful drawings, she would like to make some crafty projects using Katazome.

– Pimpi Syarly Naomi’s website

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Katagami Calendar

Announcing Haryo Hutomo Mohamad’s Exhibition and Symposium this weekend on Nov 12(Sat), 13(Sun)

We are happy to announce an exhibition with a symposium by Haryo Hutomo Mohamad, as a result of his activity during his stay at Studio Kura on November 12(Sat) and 13(Sun).
As Haryo is selected a winner of Move Arts Japan Open Call, MAJ Residence Program Guest Artists participating two week residency at Studio Kura, the artist presents variety of works and having a symposium with a local farmer and an organizer here in Itoshima.

Mohamad Haryo Hutomo born in Jakarta, 1990. Artist from Indonesia, currently lives and works in two cities, Jakarta and Jogjakarta. Graduated from majoring Visual Art Education (B.Ed), State University of Jakarta, Indonesia. He is a multidisciplinary artist, he uses drawing as a medium of personal records, also often uses photograph, installations, videos, and performance art, even collaboration with the local communities to create an “event”. He always interested in the issues of everyday life, destroying boundaries between the west and the east, and always playing memory through art. For him, art must be have a different perspective on an issues, from here the artist must be careful when doing research and needed a method that is not monotonous.
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Betty Susiarjo

Betty Susiarjo (Indonesia) Residence: May to June, 2016

Betty Susiarjo is a mixed media artist based in Singapore. She received her MA (Fine Arts) with Distinction from Winchester School of Art, England and her BA (Fine Arts) from Surrey Institute of Arts and Design, England. Her works has been shown in UK, Turkey, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia and recently participated in an exhibition exploring ‘motions’ in OTA Fine Arts (until May 19 2016), both Singapore and Japan.

She is interested to understand how humans’ experience of time affects their experience of beauty. Focusing on each moment arrested in a mundane scene, her works present poetic and melancholic impressions of the time, so much so that it opens up to a space of contemplation. Recently, she has been interested in the study of light and shadow and how their qualities affect our encounter with beauty.

At the Studio Kura, she intends to look primarily into shadow and to then use her observations to produce text-based work (such as poetry and/or a short story based on her daily encounter in the area). She is currently reading Junichiro Tanizaki’s In Praise of Shadows to support her research interest.

– Betty Susiarjo’s website

The uncertain light_01

May Plum Rain_3

The Smell of Sea_4

David Tan

David Tan (Singapore)   Residency: May-June, 2015

Tan is an Indonesian 3D animator based in Singapore. He specialized 3D animation at 3dsense Media School in Singapore, and he was selected for the 3dsense-Kura Artistic Residency Award. Tan has experience working in motion graphics for a TV station, and is currently looking for a job in 3D animation. He is also pursuing personal projects, involving creative stages from character design and illustration to 3d modeling and animation.

Bernhard Sitompul

Bernhard Sitompul (Indonesia)   Residency: May, 2013

Bernhard Sitompul is an Indonesian born artist who likes to draw since he was young. Grown up with an eastern and western influences such as comics, manga, cartoons, films and video games, Bernhard has constantly polishing himself of becoming a digital visual artist. After got a Bachelor degree of Graphic Design at Trisakti University Indonesia in 1999 and working for more than 5 years in various types of field from storyboard artist, freelance illustrator, magazine graphic designer, motion graphic to digital imaging artist, his passion to expand his knowledge in CG has never seems to fade. At 2012, he took Diploma in 3D Modeling at 3DSense Media School Singapore and managed to become top student during his study.

Bernhard came to Studio Kura thanks to 3dsense Media School‘s 3dsense-Kura Artistic Residency Award.

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