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Justin Lee

Justin Lee CK (Singapore) Residence: May 2017

Justin Lee was graduated from Master of Fine Arts, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore/Goldsmiths University of London in 2016. He was nominated for the President’s Design Award and a recipient of the Mont Blanc Young Artist World Patronage Project in 2006, said: “I was inspired by found objects that are very familiar to all of us, such as tin cans and cardboard from local housing estates. I’m interested in examining these everyday things that surround our living spaces, especially things that are neglected by people or no longer of valid use. Through observation, recollection and objectification of these found objects, I uncover a sub-culture embedded in modern Singapore.”    

Justin is currently working on a series of motif, billboard and signage that was based on the discovery of sub-culture living in modern Japan has enable the artist to draw parallel of constructs from used/discarded objects/images to the study of people, history, contemporary culture, traditional family values that are present in their personal and social network. This trip is supported by Singapore International Foundation where it seeks to bring Singaporeans and our friends from overseas communities together, to connect and collaborate for positive change.

Justin is doing a silkscreen community art workshop with the residence of Itoshima-Fukuoka from the age group of 6 to 80 on May 13th. The work in progress is a collection of data to see how Japanese in Itoshima wants to make changes and connections to their world.

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MA-Bundle of Love-Justin-07aa-Lowres

Tin Can installation-JustinLee-Lasalle-Master study-07a-Lowres

Drawing-water colour 2017

– Justin Lee received an arts grant from Singapore International Foundation to complete the residency at Studio Kura.

An Interview with Justin Lee

This is your third time to Studio Kura, right? Why did you choose to come to Japan again?

This is my third time coming to Itoshima, and I still feel like I have a lot to explore in Itoshima. The first time I visited, everything was new to me. It was my first residence ever, and the environment and people were all new to me. The second time, it was the Itoshima Arts Farm and I did a performance and art installation. Of course I took some time to explore more in the near area, and the city.


From the first time around, I knew Hiro does a lot of workshops with children. I work with Children a lot too, and therefore I wanted to come back again and try to do an interactive installation for children. In Singapore, I have a upcoming project and it is to create an “ideal home” installation at the National Museum of Singapore. I am here to find some new ideas and inspiration, and hope to develop it with my current work.
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Announcing: Justin Lee’s Exhibition “Dragon landed in Itoshima”

Justin Lee, current residence artist, will have a exhibition called “Dragon landed in Itoshima” at Studio Kura(Itoshima City)

He is based in Singapore and is one of the leading artist in Asia.
In Singapore, he does not only a large scale of installation but also focus on workshop working with children and exhibit the project which completes with children and him.

This time, he will exhibit the installation during his stay at STUDIO KURA in ITOSHIMA.

This project will be completed with children who come to see his work the day.
Once children step in his gallery, they can draw over his painting with chalk and paints as they like.
A children’s unknown ability will complete the project.
We are looking forward to seeing the project at the exhibition.

Please feel free to come and see.

Justin Lee’s exhibition「Dragon landed in Itoshima」
DATE:April 5th-7th 10:30-18:00 Free entry
Opening party starts on 5th April 12:00~

Planning:Studio Kura
Place: Masue 586 Nijo Itoshima City, Fukuoka, Japan
How to get here: 15mits walk from IKISAN station(Train:JR CHIKUHI-line). There is a transportation service.
Contact: Studio Kura Hirofumi Matsuzaki (tel:092-325-1773)