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Report: Pia Johnson’s Photography Exhibition “Fragile Light”

Pia Johnson’s exhibition took place last month, showing a body of work consisting on portraits taken of people she met during her stay, taken under fragile light. You can see her relationship of mutual trust with the subjects in this series of pictures taken with natural lighting and relaxed models.
Many of these people came to the opening party, and it was a lot of fun.
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Announcing Pia Johnson’s Solo Exhibition Fragile Light

PiaJohnson_portrait for flyer

We are happy to announce Pia Johnson’s solo exhibition Fragile Light. Pia is an artist in residence at Studio Kura.

Pia Johnson is a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Over ten photographs taken during her stay will be shown. The theme she chose is people and places from Itoshima. This series, named Fragile Light, was taken at the places where people spend their lives. The pictures taken at the subjects’ own space each tell a different story.

We would be very happy to meet you at this exhibition!

Pia Johnson solo exhibition Fragile Light
Dates: October 26-27 10:30-18:00 (Free entrance)
* There will be an opening paprty on the 26th at 17:00.

Organized by: Studio Kura
Address: 福岡県糸島市二丈松末586
Train: JR Chikuhi Line, Ikisan Station (15 minute walk, we will give you a ride if you call us)

Contact: Studio Kura (Hirofumi Matsuzaki) 092-325-1773

Pia Johnson (Bahasa Indonesia)

Let’s spend a post sharing Antariksa’s Indonesian translation for Pia’s profile page. We really appreciate this, Antariksa!

Pia Johnson (Australia) Residensi: Oktober, 2013

Pia Johnson adalah fotografer Australia. Praktik seni rupanya bertujuan mendalami isu-isu perbedaan budaya, diaspora, dan identitas. Karya-karya Pia telah dikoleksi oleh banyak lembaga privat dan publik. Selama masa residensinya di Studio Kura dia akan mendalami isu lingkungan dan komunitas melalui fotografi, kolaborasi, dan perbincangan.

Pia Johnson mendapat dukungan dari Punctum’s In-Habit International.
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Announcing Ali Hanoon and Vidya Andarikha’s Double Exhibition

Spanish photographer Ali Hanoon and Indonesian digital artist Vidya Andarikha’s work will be shown at Studio Kura Gallery from this weekend. Both artists have been staying at Studio Kura since the beginning of September, taking part in our artist in residence program.
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Announcing Ali Hanoon’s Photography Workshop

We are happy to announce Spanish photographer Ali Hanoon’s photography workshop at Studio Kura. As a fun fact, he is Spanish like me and translation to and from Japanese will be trivial. Not that I don’t enjoy using the English language!

Ali will talk about his work, then we will go and take pictures around Studio Kura (it’s a beautiful place), and then we will come back, see everyone’s pictures, and exchange opinions with Ali.

Be it a reflex or a cellphone, I bet everyone has a camera. Wouldn’t you like to try new things with it? Ali will share his tech and his sense with us!

Ali Hanoon Photography Workshop
Teacher: Ali Hanoon (Profile)
Place: Studio Kura
Target: From kids to adults
Date and time: September 27th, 2013 15:00~17:00
Fee: 1,500 yen
Contact: info@studiokura.com
You should take with you: A camera (a cellphone is OK too)

Laporan: Lokakarya Fotografi Peter Granser di Universitas Kyushu (Bahasa Indonesia)

Let’s spend a post sharing Antariksa’s Indonesian translation for one of our posts. We really appreciate this, Antariksa!

Halo! Ini Hiro.
Saya akan berbagi foto-foto dari lokakarya Peter Ganser di Universitas Kyushu.
Pada paruh pertama lokakarya, Peter menjelaskan kepada para mahasiswa tentang karya-karya dan kegiatannya.
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