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Announcing: Theresa Daddezio’s exhibition “Rhythms, Repetitions, Redundancies.”

We are happy to announce a new exhibition from one of the artists in the Studio Kura residence program.

Theresa Daddezio Rhythms, Repetitions, Redundancies.

Theresa Daddezio is a visiting artist from Brooklyn, NY. Her work conveys the beauty in the monotony of daily life represented through the repetition of a small, singular gesture.

During her stay, she has created an exhibition deconstructing certain elements of the local landscape. She uses rice paper as her surface to highlight the cyclical nature of existence: rice that is the primary form of sustenance, also serves as a prevalent form of communication. The landscape outside Studio Kura has been used as her main referential point. In this installation, the integral parts of a landscape are created separately- illuminating one elemental aspect from the others. The small marks add up to create a larger color field like that of the rice patties seen at a distance. The sound portraits are created from recordings she has made of cicada songs in the evening time while out on the field. Finally, the more illustrative landscapes capture the directness of the photographic memory. Taken from afar and removed- like edited versions of what is found beautiful or sublime. These photos are selective and edited versions of the area, miniature memories, and capture the image of the landscape, but not the experience. Together, these sounds, reflections, and the documented images are portrayed in layers of repetition that seek to attain a wholeness of the physical experience of being in the surrounding environment.

We would love to see you at the opening party.

Theresa Daddezio exhibition “Rhythms, Repetitions, Redundancies.”
Date: July 25th to 27th; open from 11:00 to 19:00 (free entrance)
The opening party will be on July 26th (Saturday), from 17:00.

Organized by: Studio Kura

Theresa Daddezio’s profile
Theresa Daddezio’s website

Theresa Daddezio just arrived last week!

Hi! This is Ale.

Theresa Daddezio is a visual artist based in New York City. Her paintings reveal similarities between sound-shapes and natural phenomena. She will be staying with us for July. Find more about her on her profile page.


Theresa wanted to keep an open mind about the kind of work she would be making during her time at Studio Kura. Instead of just continuing her work, she thought it would be better to get inspired by the landscape, the materials and the culture of Itoshima in order do some work she wouldn’t be able to do elsewhere. And for now, it looks like it’s working great.

New Studio, left side

She’s loving the new studio at the second residence house.

New studio, right side

Theresa is very excited about being here so we can’t wait to see her work!