Arthur Braud

Arthur Braud アーサー・ブロウ (米国) 2019年6月滞在

Arthur Braud アーサー・ブロウは、米国オレゴン州ポートランド出身のベトナム系アメリカ人の水彩画家です。ウェスタン・ミシガン大学のファイン・アート科絵画専攻の学士号を2015年に取得、Grand Rapids Art Prizeを含む20箇所以上のギャラリーでの展覧会に参加し、複数の作品は国内外の公共施設に所蔵されています。 Braudは現在、数カ月間にわたってイメージを集め、人々とのネットワークを広げ、異国の伝統をリサーチし次なる制作のため旅をしながら制作を行っています。

Braud’s expressive, surrealistic approach to portraiture focuses on portraying his subjects as psychological existences, rather than social beings. He focuses on the psychological state of humanity to instantly connect individuals through visual representation.

During his residency period, the artist will be sharing stories from individuals he meets during his travels. Incorporating traditional motifs, landscapes, and architecture into his portraiture work, Braud aims to explore the role culture has played in shaping the identity of individuals from different social environments. By sharing individual’s stories, Braud hopes to bring conversation about identity and compassion to his viewers.

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