Britta Benno

Britta Bennoは、エストニアのタリンで活動するドローイングと版画のアーティストです。彼女はさまざまな技法と素材に興味を持ち、それらを組み合わせることで新しい視点を発見します。ベノの作品はアニメーション技法や展示空間での統合的なインスタレーションに広がり、地層を想像しながらレイヤーを重ねる方法で制作されています。このレイヤーの重ね方は、まさに積み重ねの手法ともいえます。

2023年、彼女はエストニア芸術アカデミーの博士課程で「Thinking in Layers, Worlding in Layers: Posthumanist Landscapes in the Expanded field of Drawing and Prints」という創作研究論文を提出し、博士号を取得しました。それ以前には、エストニア芸術アカデミーでグラフィックアートの学士号と修士号を取得し、さらにウィーン芸術アカデミーとタリン大学でも学びました。



Britta Benno is a drawing and printmaking artist living and working in Tallinn, Estonia. She is interested in different techniques and materials, and when they are juxtaposed and combined, new perspectives open up. Benno’s drawing language expands into animation techniques and a cohesive spatial installation in the exhibition space. While imagining the earth’s layers she is working with the means of art in layers. In a way, working in layers can be also called a method of piling up.

In 2023, she defended his creative research doctoral thesis “Thinking in Layers, Worlding in Layers: Posthumanist Landscapes in the Expanded field of Drawing and Prints” in the doctoral studies of the Estonian Academy of Arts in the field of art and design. Previously, Benno graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in graphic arts and furthered his education at the Vienna Academy of Arts and Tallinn University.

Britta is lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Arts, has taught various drawing and graphics courses, conducted workshops, curated exhibition projects, wrote articles and worked as a printmaking technician. Britta is also the head of the Tallinn Print Triennial foundation.

Benno’s exhibitions of recent years work serially, depicting post-human urban landscapes. The conceptual keywords are memory, landscape and the transience of meanings (ruins, Ruinenlust), imagination (worlding), graphic thinking tools (layered thinking) and post-humanist directions of philosophy.

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