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open kura: a Group Exhibition

We are in the middle of a group exhibition called open kura. It started on the 24th and has been great so far even though it has been raining a lot.

open kura

Dates: 2013年8月24日(土)、25日(日)、31日(土)、9月1日(日)
Time: 11:00~18:00
Artists: Hirofumi Matsuzaki, Chihiro Nishimura, Hiroyuki Nishio, Masako Okahara, Kenji Makizono, Nigel Bennet, Roxana Valdez Gonzalez and Fabian Landgrave
Places: Studio Kura, Shimise’s Garage, Masue Gonkuro, hanatolife
Organization: Studio Kura Collaboration: Itoshima Arts Farm, Asian Cultural Council
Contact: Studio Kura (Hiro Matsuzaki) 092-325-1773
open kura Website (Japanese only)

Opening Tour

Date: August 24th (Saturday) 17:00
Performance: Roxana Valdez Gonzalez, Natsuko Tezuka
Details (Japanese only)

We are looking forward to this weekend too!

Report: Christopher Jones’s Solo Exhibition “for the silo”

We held Christopher Jones’s solo exhibition “for the silo” from July 20 to July 24. He got inspired by the kura (rice silo) in Studio Kura, and made many pieces of work specifically for the space, installing them around the interior, sometimes almost hidden – so the space was full of surprises.

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Hiro interviewed on Magazinehouse’s web magazine Colocal

Magazinehouse’s web magazine Colocal featured both Studio Kura and Itoshima Arts Farm. You can read a lot about Hiro’s experience since he decided to begin this project. Please give it a read if you can understand Japanese.

Art at the rice paddies!? Local community connects art and agriculture

Here’s an excerpt translated to English:

The Arts Farm means building a place for people to meet, and then create something together.
This may result in agriculturists becoming artists, and artists becoming agriculturists. Or it may not. It’s OK to have different cases.

I would be happy if our community and society became half agriculture, half something else.
A place where agriculturists and artists coexist.
I like the idea of creative blood mixing into the community of a rural, agricultural place.
Itoshima Arts Farm is an art festival created by both the community and the artists, using art as a medium to show Itoshima’s everyday sights such as food and agriculture.
Two artists a month are staying at Itoshima and next year is already almost complete.