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Report: Paul Nicholson’s Character Design Workshop

Hi! This is Ale.
Last Saturday we had Paul Nicholson’s workhsop and also his exhibition’s opening party. This post is about the workshop but you can expect another post about the exhibition soon.

2013-04-27 14.38.15
The workshop took place at a traditional Japanese house, so everybody felt relaxed and concentrated easily.
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Peter Granser is here!

2013-04-18 10.56.17
Hi! This is Hiro reporting.
Following animation big name Paul Nicholson, master photographer Peter Granser has come to Studio Kura with the Austrian Cultural Forum’s sponsorship.

He will be staying until the end of May, and we have planned activities such as a workshop at Kyushu University and an exhibition at Studio Kura at the end of his stay.
We have people from many countries staying right now at Studio Kura and it is a lot of fun!
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Paul Nicholson’s solo exhibition: “It’s…Product, Yes!!”

We are proud to announce an exhibition by Paul Nicholson, currently in residence at Studio Kura. The exhibition’s name is “It’s…Product, Yes!!” and in it he will show the result of his residence program. Paul is an animator based in London, and his works include The Amazing World of Gumball and Scooby Doo.

The works to be shown include drawings produced during his residence period, exploring the role of characters in Japanese advertising.
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Hirofumi Matsuzaki attended an art tour at Busan

Hi! This is Hiro. Last weekend I attended an art tour at Busan with other people from art projects all over Kyushu. I was surprised that the plane only took 40 minutes. Busan is so near!

I arrived at night and called my contact Sim, who told me to phone again once I got a taxi, so I went out of the airport and the drivers started calling me into their cabs. I rode one of them and called Sim, but there was no reply and there I was, riding a taxi with no destination… I called many times but there was no way to talk to my friend. After 10 very tense minutes I remembered the hotel’s name which was a big relief. And of course, my fare was more expensive than expected…

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Paul Nicholson ada di sini! (Bahasa Indonesia)

Let’s spend a post sharing Antariksa’s Indonesian translation for a blog post.

Paul Nicholson ada di sini!

Animator Paul Nicholson baru saja tiba dari London. Kami teleh memperkenalkan dia di posting lain tentang workshop desain karakternya, tetapi sekali lagi saya ingin mengingatkan Anda bahwa workshop dan pembukaan pameran akan diselenggarakan pada 27 April. Kami gembira sekali akan kedatangan
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Paul Nicholson (Bahasa Indonesia)

Let’s spend a post sharing Antariksa’s Indonesian translation for Paul nicholson’s profile.

Paul Nicholson

Residensi Paul Nicholson (Inggris): April 2013

Paul adalah seorang animator 2D yang berbasis di Inggris. Dia telah terlibat pada berbagai serial animasi TV terkenal, di antaranya The Amazing World of Gumball.

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Workshop Desain Karakter oleh Paul Nicholson (Bahasa Indonesia)

Let’s spend a post sharing Antariksa’s Indonesian translation for a blog post.

Seniman animasi 2D Paul Nicholson tinggal di Studio Kura pada bulan April!
Apakah Anda sudah pernah menonton animasi The Amazing World of Gumball? Paul kini tengah bekerja sebagai animator utama untuk serial ini. Berikut ini adalah teaser Gumball edisi Jepang.

Paul akan menyelenggarakan workshop di mana ia akan mengajar desain karakter animasi. Workhop ini akan dilangsungkan di Studio Kura pada tanggal 27 April, dan kami berencana memamerkan karya dia dari workshop ini, jadi ini akan jadi hari yang sempurna untuk mengisi waktu di Studio Kura. Hubungi kami jika Anda berminat mengikuti workhshop ini.

Workshop Desain Karakter
Pengajar: Paul Nicholson (profil seniman)
Tempat: Studio Kura
Tanggal dan jam: 27 April 2013, 14:00-16:00
Biaya: 1,500 yen

Anda akan bisa membuat karakter Anda sendiri hanya dengan pensil dan kertas! Kami menanti karakter yang akan Anda buat. Dan inilah flyer untuk worshop ini.